Dust Management Solutions

Industrial dust must be managed effectively to avoid personnel health and safety risks and to ensure equipment does not falter or fail in mining, construction and other dust generating industries.

Why are dust management solutions a necessity?

Fugitive dust (minute air-suspended mineral dust particles) has the potential to manifest respiratory diseases like asbestosis and silicosis, cancer and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). It also causes damage to electronics and equipment due to its ability to enter minuscule areas. If not effectively managed, dust can lead to equipment damage and revenue loss.

Benefits of using dust management solutions

The benefits of using dust management solutions include:

  • Healthier work environments
  • Reduced risk of dust related illness
  • Less unscheduled downtime
  • Less time spent on cleanup and maintenance

Dust control management solutions from CDC Dust Control

CDC Dust Control develops and manufactures components for integrated dust management systems used on continuous miners and road headers, and other mining applications as well as numerous other industries. Also tailored for use across a variety of industrial plants and processes, CDC will tailor-make a dust control or dust abatement solution that meets your precise requirements.

Our dust management solutions

CDC is a supplier of efficient industrial dust collectors.

Dust Control

CDC offers a range of dust collection systems to meet your requirements.

Dust Suppression

Get a CDC dust controller in your industrial operations.

Dust Scrubbing

CDC’s range of dust collectors are ideal for chemical manufacturing processes.

Gas Scrubbing

Our range of dust suppression equipment is ideal for all mining dust and for a range of industries.

Our dust management equipment

Wet Fan Scrubber Units

  • High dust-capture efficiency
  • Low power & water requirements
  • Low noise levels
  • Electric or hydraulic drive
  • 4 to 25 m³/s with either rear or side outlet boxes
A dedusting system suppresses dust from airstreams in a range of processes.

Booster Pumps

  • High-pressure, positive displacement
  • Provides optimum water flow & pressure required by the dust suppression system
  • 2 variants, depending on incoming water supply pressure

Spray Fan Systems

  • Includes nozzles, directional & reverse-flush spray blocks
  • Creates air flow which wets the dust, lubricates & cools cutting head picks
  • Simple cleaning

Air Movers

  • Optimum air movement with minimum water consumption
  • Excellent dust capture past operator & in scrubbing box
  • Eliminates roll back over conveyor
  • No interference with cutting face air flow pattern
Dust controllers from CDC make use of water filters that reduce water wastage.

Water Filters

  • Enhanced protection for pumps, nozzles & other dust suppression components
  • High- & low-pressure manual back-flush units
  • High pressure manual, automatic & semi-automatic back-flush filters

Transfer Point Assemblies

  • Effective dust dampening for conveyors & underground roads
  • Incl. nozzles, valve, Y-strainer & ball valves
  • Fogger systems on request

Ideal for a range of industries, most industrial plants/work sites & all types of dust.

Industries we serve





CDC offers dust suppression products such as dedusting filters.


Dust suppression in mines is required to attain health compliance.




Meeting your dust management demands

CDC Dust Control offers industrial dust management solutions to customers’ precise requirements. To ensure that our solutions for dust management perform optimally, we have included booster pumps and water filters into our offering.

  • Booster pumps: Electrically or hydraulically driven Atex-approved booster pumps ensure optimum water flow & pressure for dust control management
  • Water filters: Provides excellent protection for pumps, nozzles and other dust suppression system components to ensure a system with highly efficient filtration abilities.

All products, equipment and solutions are backed by a 12-month warranty and supported through CDC Dust Control’s comprehensive service and support offering.

We tailor all our equipment to suit clients’ exact specifications.

Contact CDC Dust Control for your mining, quarrying, construction or materials handling dust suppression and dust management requirements.

Speak to a dust control specialist:

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