Installation & Commissioning

Ensure your dust suppression and control equipment is correctly fitted and provides the optimum solution for your dust requirements from the get-go.

Installed and commissioned to spec

The CDC service technician team assists with onsite installations on request and carries out hot and cold commissioning.

We install and commission our equipment to ensure your CDC dust and gas suppression solution caters to your exact dust and gas management requirements.

  • Onboard dust suppression systems
  • Offboard dust suppression systems
  • Integrated dust suppression systems

Standalone or PLC-controlled

Our offboard dust suppression systems can be controlled as a standalone application or incorporated into an industrial PLC controller. When incorporated into the PLC controller, instrumentation measurements and the scrubber control process must be included in the commissioning process.

General commissioning is conducted to ensure the correct:

  • Scrubber volumes
  • Water pressures
  • Water flows

All offboard scrubber units are commissioned underground to cater for the additional electronics required for the unit.

We tailor all our equipment to suit clients’ exact specifications.

Service exchange & service offering

CDC is committed to 24-hour, 7-days-a-week support with service exchange units for pumps and fans, and all repairs are conducted in our own workshop. When you fit CDC equipment to your continuous miner, or road header, you also get 100% commitment for round-the-clock field support. Our customer support engineers and service technicians are always available to assist you in the supply, operation and maintenance of all CDC dust suppression equipment.

We tailor all our equipment to suit clients’ exact specifications.

Speak to a dust control specialist:

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