Maintenance Contracts

Keep your dust suppression systems in optimum condition.

Service and maintenance

Maintenance and service contracts from CDC ensure your dust control equipment captures dust optimally and continuously, so that you achieve minimal dust counts. Our offering covers service and maintenance of all dust suppression equipment used on road headers, continuous miners and offboard dust suppression, as well as their control equipment.

Our maintenance service includes preventative maintenance, where potential faults are rectified and working parts replaced.

This dedicated service and maintenance offering ensures that your required ventilation is within the prescribed industry standards, and that your equipment continues to operate at CDC’s high standards. The result is:

  • Longer lasting equipment
  • Optimised equipment performance
  • Lower dust counts (reduces health risks to mine site personnel)

All maintenance contracts (unless otherwise specified) include weekly equipment checks to ensure optimised functioning. As the system wears, we refurbish it back to spec.


Contract specifics

Our dedicated field service team maintains, services, repairs, cleans and replaces (when required):

Large, strategic stockholdings of spare parts as required by your specific operation to reduce downtime and ensure maximum machine availability.

  • Scrubber boxes
  • Fans
  • Impellers
  • Booster pumps (incl. pump oil)
  • Demisters
  • Spray nozzles
  • Spray blocks
  • All piping
  • Air movers
  • Water filters

We tailor all our equipment to suit clients’ exact specifications.

Service exchange

CDC offers a service exchange programme on all fans and pumps, which is available 24/7, with exchange equipment delivered in approximately 4 hours from order.

An integral part of our maintenance, repair and parts supply service, all repairs are conducted in our workshop in extremely fast turnaround times. The repaired and refurbished units are tested for revolution, flow and pressure, certified and a test certificate issued.

We have invested significantly in service exchange units so our customers can minimise their own back-up stockholding, reducing their costs without jeopardising production flow. Our customer support engineers and service technicians are always available to assist you in the supply, operation and maintenance of all CDC dust suppression equipment.

What our customers have to say:

“CDC provides a professional service, and they not only solve many of our equipment challenges; they are open to suggestions and new developments.” – Thys Wepener, project engineer at Sasol Coal’s Middelbult Colliery.

“CDC’s service is excellent. They are responsive and always prepared to address any problems we have as quickly as possible.” – Matla Colliery spokesperson.

We tailor all our equipment to suit clients’ exact specifications.

Speak to a dust control specialist:

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