Custom Design Services

Take control of dust in your industrial applications with our customised design services for specific applications.

Custom Design Services for Effective Dust Management

CDC Dust Control specialises in providing custom design services for dust control solutions. With our expertise and innovative approach, we help our clients effectively manage and mitigate dust-related challenges. Our research and development, and product design teams are committed to delivering tailored solutions that meet the unique requirements of each client.
Using the latest solution selection software, our dedicated engineers can carefully choose the most suitable solution, be it axial or centrifugal, resulting in significant time and cost savings for our clients.

Research and Development

Research and development play a vital role in our commitment to excellence. Our engineers and technicians are constantly exploring new technologies and methodologies to enhance our dust control solutions.  
By staying at the forefront of industry advancements, we ensure that our clients receive the most effective and efficient dust control systems available.  

CDC Dust Control - seetting the standard for dust suppression technologies.

Advanced Custom Design Tools

We use advanced tools to design and test our products, such as fans, blowers, and scrubbers, for your specific needs.
To design the most efficient tools for your applications, we use renowned software tools. These include:

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software

To deliver superior products, we have invested in cutting-edge design analysis tools. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software enables us to design and simulate the performance of our products accurately. By leveraging CFD, we can optimise fan designs before manufacture, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.

Vibration Analysis

Vibration analysis plays a crucial role in our product development process. We use sophisticated vibration analysis techniques to monitor vibration levels and patterns within components, scrubber units, and scrubber fans. This allows us to quickly detect any abnormal vibration events and evaluate the overall condition of our products. It also ensures that our fans deliver reliable and consistent performance.

Finite Element Analysis

We utilise static and dynamic finite element analysis to create virtual prototypes swiftly and efficiently. This process enables us to validate the structural integrity and performance of our CDC Dust Control-designed products.
Using finite element analysis, we design our fan systems to withstand the tough challenges of heavy industry and mining environments.

Partner with CDC Dust Control for custom dust control solution designs. Contact us.

CDC Dust Control Custom Design Process

We design and test solutions to reduce dust and gas in mining and other demanding industries. We use advanced software and R&D to improve our low-noise, high-performance scrubber fans. We can tailor our dust control solution design to your needs, be it centrifugal, axial, auxiliary or jet fan.

The CDC Dust Control product and solution design includes:


Our custom design process begins with a comprehensive consultation. We work closely with you to understand your specific dust control needs, operational challenges, and industry regulations. This helps us design better solutions.

Site evaluation

Our experts thoroughly evaluate your site, understanding its environmental conditions, dust generation sources, and existing dust control measures. This helps us identify areas for improvement and design tailored solutions to meet your site’s specific needs.

Design and engineering

We design custom dust control solutions from site data and evaluation. Our advanced tools and engineering ensure effective dust reduction, optimal performance and regulatory compliance.

Prototype development

After design, we prototype the proposed dust control solution/s to validate its performance. Skilled technicians construct and test prototypes, allowing us to refine and optimise designs before implementation.

Installation and implementation

We install and implement the custom dust control solution/s after prototyping. Our team is skilled and fast to minimise impacts to your operations. We make sure the systems work well and smoothly.

Monitoring and optimisation

CDC Dust Control doesn’t just install dust control systems. We also monitor and optimise them for lasting results. We check and fine-tune performance regularly and offer ongoing support to keep the systems working well for maximum performance.

Why Choose Our Custom Design Services?

Some of the benefits for customers who choose our custom design services are:

We tailor all our equipment to suit clients' exact specifications.

Speak to a dust control specialist:

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