Water Filters

Ensure a clean supply of water for your dust suppression applications at all times with the CDC range of water filters.

Effective particulate removal

Highly efficient filtration abilities that provide excellent protection for your pumps, nozzles and other dust suppression system components. Extremely robust for increased longevity, the water filter units automatically flush at each start, resulting in reduced downtime and minimal maintenance requirements.

CDC filters feature double ratchet lever-operated back-flush cycles that remove filter-trapped particulate when flushed on regular intervals. Our range consists of:

  • High- & low-pressure manual back flush units
  • High-pressure automatic back flush filters
  • Semi-automatic back flush filters & valve

Technical Data

Max. rated pressure

 50 bar

Max. rated flow

500 l/min

Filter elements

100 & 200 μm (high pressure)

500 μm (low pressure)


± 30 kg

Semi-automatic back flush filter

Our semi-automatic back flush filter has 4 functions:

  • Open – for normal operation
  • Flush 1
  • Flush 2
  • Closed – for zero flow through

Operation is easy. Each function is simply set by positioning the notch (situated on top of the adjustment lever) into clearly marked and easily identifiable positions.

Filter composition & elements

Filter elements are specified according to a filter’s pressure, with the low pressure filter fitted with a 500 μm element, which prevents debris entering the motor, booster pump and other components. High pressure filters are fitted with either a 100 or 200 μm element, which ensures that the spray nozzles remain debris- and dust-free.

Our water filters include a 4-inch Victaulic cast iron Y-strainer incorporated into the inlets. The remaining product composition consists of:

  • Electro-nickel plated mild steel external construction
  • Stainless steel element
  • Wedge wire filter

CDC – setting the standard for dust suppression technologies in open cast and underground mining.

Mineral suitability

Our range of water filters for dust suppression applications has been developed with more than 20 years’ experience in coal mines. Our filters are not limited to coal mining applications however, and can be tailored to suit the mining environments of all minerals where road headers and continuous miners are used. Some of the benefits include:

  • Spare parts / components kept ex-stock
  • Manufactured according to ISO 9001 standards
  • Immediate availability
  • Suited to Africa’s environment
  • Easy access to spare parts

We tailor all our equipment to suit clients’ exact specifications.

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