Scrubber Systems

Control and suppress respirable dust particles in mines and other industrial settings with wet scrubber systems that offer easy, efficient, and effective dust control solutions.

Scrubber system applications

CDC Dust Control manufactures a proven range of onboard wet and dry fan scrubber systems used on continuous miners and roadheaders, effectively reducing dust in these dust-concentrated applications.


Electric- or hydraulic-powered fan motors drive these wet scrubber systems, which can remove dust from tipping points and long-haul stage loaders in mining. They are also ideal for use in numerous applications across various industries.


In addition to being used in any location within a mine and any other dust-ridden site, our offboard scrubber units have proved effective in a range of industries. These include but are not limited to, metals, steel, chemicals, manufacturing, construction and energy, as well as numerous applications in processing plants.

CDC Dust Control wet & dry fan scrubber development

Wet scrubber systems are part of our standard offering. CDC Dust Control developed these systems in the late 1980s. We have subsequently refined them using the CSIR Aerotech Division’s computer simulation programmes to design a high-efficiency low inertia axial fan driven by a custom-built water-cooled electric motor.

The main advantage of wet scrubber systems over dry fan systems is that the wet fan acts as a dynamic air scrubber. In addition, fine water droplets produced by fan turbulence make it particularly efficient in capturing respirable dust particles. This makes a significant contribution to mine health and safety in dusty above- or below-ground environments. They are also highly effective in industrial settings where respirable dust is a concern.

Dry fan scrubber units are custom-designed and fabricated on demand to suit your exact application requirements.

Why we recommend using a wet fan scrubber:

Wet Scrubber Fan

Operates similarly to a bifurcated system

Water cooled motor

Easily handles high dust loads

Has less internal system resistance

Compact size & weights less than a dry unit

Fan upstream from scrubber box (entrains more debris & liquid in air flow)

Dry Scrubber Fan

High maintenance slurry pump required

Filter screen clogs easily

Provides only low performance in high dust loads

Requires large quantities of water

Larger & heavier than wet unit

Fan downstream from scrubber box (entrains less debris & liquid in air flow)

Speak to a CDC Dust Control expert about your dry or wet scrubber fan requirements.

Wet fan scrubbers

This motor is its key differentiator, focusing on high start/stop applications, which allows for the inrush of currents. The range has side or rear outlets and works with wet scrubber systems. Clients can choose from 5 variations (CDC 550, 600, 700, 760 & 825) based on their power, air volume, and flow requirements.

Inside the wet fan scrubber box

Encased within the wet scrubber box, the computer-designed impeller provides low inertia, low noise, and high efficiency. The in-line water-cooled motor is compact and has reduced noise levels, while the multi-layer stainless steel screen (with highly efficient mist eliminator) offers high particle arrestance and low resistance.
Easy to install and maintain, the range offers the following additional benefits:

Double-mounted scrubbers

Double-mounted scrubber units, which incorporate all the features of conventional wet fan scrubbers, are ideal for situations where space is limited but high-performance and functionality are needed. These wet scrubber systems can effectively remove pollutants from the air using a liquid spray or a scrubber.
The following parameters should be monitored to ensure your scrubber system remains operational and downtime-free:

CDC Dust Control manufactures Integrated Dust Suppression Systems for any industry.

Wet scrubber system composition & advantages



The wet scrubber motor and fan system are designed for easy maintenance, with the motor/fan assembly replaced in less than an hour. The motor, fan, impeller, and fan track are balanced individually to high tolerance levels for interchangeability. Our entire scrubber range ensures reduced dust levels, minimising personnel exposure to dust-related lung diseases, and improves visibility which reduces incident probability and improves production rates. The single biggest advantage is the highly effective dust suppression, which decreases the probability of dust or methane ignitions.

CDC Dust Control – setting the standard for industrial dust suppression technologies.

Electric vs. hydraulic fans

All scrubber systems are available with either electric- or hydraulic-driven fans.

To choose the right fan for your wet scrubber system, you need to consider not only size and weight but also other aspects such as performance, speed control and motor cooling. The electric fan is both longer and heavier than its hydraulic counterpart, but the key differentials to add to the equation are:
Electric Fan Hydraulic Fan
Speed Control Fixed Variable (oil flow control)
Speed Control Water cooled No external cooling required
Performance With the same impeller and stator used, there is no difference in performance.

24-hour service support (including service exchange units)

CDC Dust Control is committed to a 24/7 support with service exchange units for pumps, wet scrubber systems and fans together with fast repair turnaround times. All repairs are conducted in our own workshop. When you fit CDC Dust Control equipment, you also get 100% commitment for round-the-clock field support. Our support engineers and service technicians are always available to assist you in the supply, operation, and maintenance of all CDC Dust Control dust suppression equipment.

We tailor all our equipment to suit clients’ exact specifications.

Speak to a dust control specialist:

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