Dust Collection

Dust collection is vital for the filtration of dust and contaminants from the air which can be hazardous for people working in dusty conditions across a range of industries. Adequate dust collection helps with the appropriate compliance with environmental regulations. CDC Dust Control is a global leader in dust collection, offering dust collection solutions for a broad range of industries including mining and construction.

What is industrial dust?

Industrial dust is comprised of small, solid, and dry particles that are hazardous to workers when inhaled, swallowed, or exposed to the naked eye or skin. Industrial dust is prevalent in the mining, materials handling, quarrying and construction industries. Industrial dust can be deadly, and the necessary measures must be taken to ensure adequate dust collection in the workplace. CDC Dust Control has tailored dust collection systems used to control and reduce airborne dust particles. The importance of these solutions cannot be undermined, as several life-threatening lung diseases are the result of continued exposure to certain kinds of dust.

Why you need dust collection solutions?

Effective dust collection is the control, reduction and removal of particulate matter and fumes from various processes including manufacturing, construction and mining as well as in the air during production to ensure a clean, unpolluted environment.

Benefits of dust collection

  • Reduced risk of flammable & explosive dust
  • Healthier work environment
  • Reduces unscheduled downtime
  • Increased environmental laws compliance
  • Improves the lifespan of your product

What is an industrial dust collector?

An industrial dust collector is used in the industrial sector to meet health, workplace safety and environmental regulations. Components of dust collection equipment are – dust blowers, dust filters, filter cleaning systems, dust receptacles and dust removal systems. Some industrial collectors are comprised of multiple components.

CDC Dust Control manufactures and installs turnkey dust collection systems. Products developed and manufactured by CDC Dust Control include scrubber systems, spray fan systems, air movers and booster pumps.

Dust collection solutions offered by CDC Dust Control

CDC is a supplier of efficient industrial dust collectors.

Dust Control

CDC offers a range of dust collection systems to meet your requirements.

Dust Suppression

Get a CDC dust controller in your industrial operations.

Dust Scrubbing

CDC’s range of dust collectors are ideal for chemical manufacturing processes.

Gas Scrubbing


Audit Surveys

Ensure your dust collection equipment is optimised for maximum performance, cost-effectiveness and operational efficiency.

Installation & Commissioning

Ensure your dust collection equipment is correctly fitted and provides the optimum solution for your dust requirements from the

Maintenance Contracts

Keep your dust collection systems in optimum condition with customised service agreements, 24/7 product supply, parts and service exchange.


Save on the costs of replacement equipment by repairing your CDC equipment to original specification.

Spare Parts

Ensure maximum system availability of your dust suppression and gas and dust scrubbing equipment with our comprehensive range of spare parts.


Understand how your CDC equipment works and how best to maintain your dust suppression and collection solutions.

Meeting your dust collection demands

CDC Dust Control manufactures industrial dust control systems to customers’ precise requirements. To ensure that our solutions for dust and gas control perform optimally, we have included booster pumps and water filters into our offering.

Booster Pumps: Electrically or hydraulically driven Atex-approved booster pumps that ensure optimum water flow & pressure for dust suppression and gas scrubbing systems.

Water Filters: Provides excellent protection for pumps, nozzles, and other dust suppression system components to ensure a system with highly efficient filtration abilities.

All products, equipment and solutions are backed by a 12-month warranty and supported through CDC Dust Control’s comprehensive service and support offering.

Trusted by multinational OEMs

Original equipment manufacturers trust CDC Dust Control, suppression and management solutions for improved production processes and increased worker health and safety.

We tailor all our equipment to suit clients' exact specifications.

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