Our jet-foggas provide effective wide coverage dust suppression for mining settings, ensuring environmental law compliance and safety.

Effective airborne dust suppression

Fine water mist from the CDC 610E22DS jet-fogga has been proven effective in large open spaces, mainly where large vehicles and machinery are employed.

  • Improved environment visibility & machine longevity (less wear & tear)
  • Customisable to suit customer requirements
  • Rugged design for maximum performance & reliability
  • Low noise fan (below 85 dBA at a distance of 1 m from the fan)
  • Low water consumption
  • Easy to assemble, operate, relocate & maintain

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More about our jet-foggas

Fog canons from CDC are self-supporting dust suppression and prevention units.

CDC jet-foggas (sometimes referred to as fog cannons, jet canons or dust canons) are specially designed units that produce ultra-fine (atomised) water droplets for dust suppression. The water droplet size is critical for the capture of airborne dust particles, i.e. for effective airborne particle capture, the size of the water droplet needs to match that of the dust particles.

When the water droplets collide with airborne dust particles, the two agglomerate, increasing the weight of the dust particle and forcing it to fall back to the ground through gravity. The atomised water droplets are dispersed over a wide area through an oscillating high-efficiency and low-noise axial fan for maximum coverage, reducing the number of jet-fogga units required for a predefined site area.

Our jet-foggas are ideal for use in applications, including:

  • Material loading or off-loading
  • Material storage or warehouse
  • Open-pit mining
  • Quarries

CDC 610E22DS jet-fogga specifications​

Spray radius 30 m
Water pressure 3 - 5 bar
Throw angle 0 - 45 °C
Fan motor 22 kW, 3 phase, 2 pole, 380/525/1 000 V
Weight 690 kg
Dimensions incl. frame (L X B X H) 2 300 mm x 900 mm x 3 000 mm
Support structure CDC Frame

Additional support

To maximise its customer’s productivity and profitability, CDC provides application support through a 24-hour service exchange programme, ensuring minimal downtime and reduced client inventory requirements.

We tailor all our equipment to suit clients’ exact specifications.

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