Manage & Control Dust In Industry & Mining

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Manage & Control Dust In Industry & Mining

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Highly Effective Dust Control Solutions to Suppress Dust
(Dust Abatement, Dust Capture)

Trusted by OEMs

CDC equipment for dust control is proven to enhance production processes & increase personnel health & safety in industrial & mining operations.

Numerous industries can benefit from CDC Dust Control solutions. We will adapt or engineer a dust control solution tailored to the dust management requirements of your specific industry and plant. Complete the enquiry form to find out more.

Dust-Free with CDC

CDC solutions for dust suppression in industry and mining include: 

These are used across most industries to achieve

CDC Dust Control helps you to comply with dust-governing regulations & legislation with dust solutions that also enhance productivity & improve worker health.

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Sasol & Anglo American use CDC for their dust management requirements.

Our Dust Management Solutions:

Wet Fan Scrubber Units

CDC makes use of water spray system for dust control.

Reduce & manage dust with a proven range of onboard wet & dry fan scrubber systems and offboard scrubber systems.

Booster Pumps

A dedusting system suppresses dust from airstreams in a range of processes.

Electrically or hydraulically operated, our pumps provide optimum water flow & pressure for dust suppression systems in high water pressure applications.

Spray Fan Systems

Dedusting solutions have benefits for the longevity of equipment onsite.

Control dust at the source with directional dust control spray blocks backed by a high pressure water system. They are designed to dampen dust at the source, simultaneously lubricating & cooling the cutter equipment necessary.

Air Movers

Dust suppression systems from CDC make use of air movers to process air that is high in dust content.

Water- & hydraulic-powered air movers, based on the Venturi Principle for improved ventilation and optimum air movement.

Water Filters

Dust controllers from CDC make use of water filters that reduce water wastage.

Provides excellent protection for pumps, nozzles & other dust suppression system components. Automatically flushes at each start, reducing equipment downtime.

Transfer Point Assemblies

CDC’s scrubber for air pollution control is effective and suitable for industrial applications.

Effective dust dampening for conveyors & high dust areas. Supplied as complete units (and fogger systems), each designed to ensure cleaner air & safer conveyor operations.

Ideal for a Range of Industries, most Industrial Plants/Worksites & All Types of Dust

Our range of dust suppression equipment is ideal for all mining dust and for a range of industries:




Our dust suppression product quality and innovative dust control solutions are proven with CDC Dust Control being recognised in a number of the prestigious TT100 Awards from the Da Vinci Institute and the Department of Science and Innovation.

CDC achieved the position of FINALIST in these 2021 TT100 Awards:

  • Sustainability
  • Excellence in the Management of Technology
  • Excellence in the Management of People
  • Department of Science & Innovation Minister’s Award for Overall Excellence
  • Best Innovative Concept: Offboard Scrubber

Our Dust Collection System Design

Our dust control equipment is used by OEMs of continuous miners and roadheaders, like Eickhoff, Komatsu, JAE & Sandvik. It is incorporated into these machines for effective dust suppression systems in mines.

We ensure effective dust abatement solutions that undergo:

All solutions are backed by 24/7 service & support (incl. service exchange units)

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