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South African clean air specialists represented at Australian Mine Ventilation Conference

CDC Dust Control and Air Blow Fans joined forces at the Australian Mine Ventilation Conference held on 10 – 12 October in Queensland, Australia. The two South African companies informed conference attendees of their industrial and mine ventilation solutions that ensure safe ventilation practices for improved productivity and safety in mining and industry.

“We imparted our knowledge and experience on wet and dry fan dust scrubbing; fan technology; and wet scrubbing technology, including our proprietary additives that improve respirable dust capture of particles below 10 microns,” explains Gavin Ratner, Managing Director, CDC Dust Control.

In addition, José Martins, Engineering Manager at Air Blow Fans, presented an Aerodynamics session for Fan Designs. “Martins has 33 years of experience as a design engineer, project manager and engineering manager in the aeronautics, oil & gas, and fan engineering industries, as well as 18 years of experience in R&D,” says Ratner. “Delegates attending this session benefitted from Martins’ presentation and industry experience.”

CDC is a leading supplier of solutions for dust capture and dust suppression; and Air Blow Fans is a leader in primary and secondary ventilation. This is proven by our recently forged relationship with Air Blow Fans, which is used to the benefit of our clients’ clean air requirements.

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