Air Moving Systems

Achieve optimum ventilation with minimum water consumption. Highly effective in dusty and gaseous mining environments.

Venturi principle air movers

Available in water- and hydraulic-powered versions, our air moving systems, based on the Venturi principle, improve ventilation, increasing health and safety for workers.

Our water-powered air movers operate on the Venturi Principle to create air movement and, when correctly positioned, prevent dust rollback over the conveyor.

  • High volume rates with low water usage
  • Fitted vertically or horizontally
  • Constructed of mild steel with galvanised or stainless steel pipes for nozzle fitment
  • Available ex-stock for fast delivery
  • Spare parts kept ex-stock


CDC Dust Control is the only South African manufacturer of water-powered and hydraulic-powered air moving systems dedicated for use with continuous miners and road headers.

CDC Dust Control – setting the standard for dust suppression technologies. Contact us today.

Healthy air flow, minimal dust

CDC Dust Control air movers provide a high proportion of air entrainment due to the high dynamic speed of the nozzles. When used in conjunction with the CDC wet fan scrubber, extremely low dust levels in the operating area can be achieved.

When used in mining activities

Incorporating nozzles that entrain flow, CDC water-powered air movers are ideally fitted onto a continuous miner above the conveyor. The hydraulic-powered version is designed for use with road headers and is fitted to the gathering apron.

CDC Dust Control air movers do not interfere with the vital airflow patterns across the cutting face. When strategically placed on continuous miners, they develop significant air movement, which flows past the operator and into the scrubber unit, ensuring excellent dust capture.

We tailor all our equipment to suit clients’ exact specifications.

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